Paderborn Series medical LED operation lamp for human or veterinary surgery lighting
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Paderborn 1 Series LED operation lamp 


Innovate the use of slender petaloid design, dexterous use, accurate positioning, with mature uniform spot control technology, in order to improve patient satisfaction and comfort, while providing an ideal and high-performance working environment for medical staff.

Detail Parameter:

Technology   parameter45
Diameter of   head740mm
Max   Illuminance140000Lx160,000 lx
Red Reduction   Index (R9)≥90
Adjust   illuminance40000-140000Lx40,000-160,000Lx
Translucent   glass temperature rise<0.5℃
Operator   temperature rise<0.5℃
Color temp4500K
Spot   diameter200-280mm
Spot   uniformity(D10/D50)0.550.6
Illumination   depth1000mm±5%1200mm±5%
Shadowless   rate of deep cavity100%  -5%
Single plate   shadowless rate60%   -5%75%   -5%
Shadowless   rate of single-plate deep cavity55%   -5%70%   -5%
Double plate   shadowless rate50%   -5%65%  -5%
Shadowless   rate of double plate deep cavity50%   -5%60%   -5%
Irradiance   Ee/Ec(MW/㎡lux)≤3.6MW/㎡lux
Radiated   Power<450w/㎡<500w/㎡
Video cameraPixel   2 million, optical zoom ≥20   times, digital zoom ≥12   times 、HD:1080i/50   720p/50  1080i/59.94 720p/59.94     F=4.7to940mm  F1.6-3.5  auto-focus

Packing list:

1LED 5 head1 UNIT
2LED 4 head1 UNIT
3Rotating arm + fixing base1 SET
4Balance Arm2 SETS
5Switching power supply2 UNITS
6Disinfection Handpiece4 PIECES
7Allen Wrench1 SET
8Mounting fixing bolt1 SET
9Shroud Base1 SET
10Large shield1 SET
11Manual book1 UNIT

Detail Pic Shows:


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P1 D2.png


surgical operation light.jpg

surgical operation lamp 11 .jpg