KDC-Y ZN Widen electric gynecology operation woman table

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KDC-Y  ZN  Widen electric gynecology operation woman  table 


The whole machine adopts the advanced modular design concept and realizes the combination of multiple functions. The table is ultra-long designed and widened, with length ≥ 1980 and width ≥ 720 mm. The unique and scientific concave base design makes the doctor closer to the parturient, reduces the fatigue of the doctor's low back, leaves the activity space of the foot for the medical staff, and ensures the balance and stability of the operating bed in realizing various movements.
Medical grade ABS base cover for easy cleaning and disinfection.
Electric brake, high stability, easy operation.

Detail parameters

Height(Min to max)620-870mm
seat plate30 °

Back plate(Up&down )

55° /18°
Leg plate folding90°
Load capacity200kg/440 lbs

Details shows

KDC-Y ZN 切 2.jpg

KDC-Y ZN 切 4.jpg

KDC-Y ZN 切 5.jpg

KDC-Y ZN 切1.jpg

KDC-Y ZN 切 6.jpg

KDC-Y ZN 切 3.jpg